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As of 13 October, 2007, hp_dungeons has moved from Livejournal to hp_dungeons at Insanejournal. Given the current vagueness of LJ policies, particularly applied towards the Harry Potter fandom, we've chosen to move off-LJ in order to protect the game and the authors and as a sign of protest towards LJ.

The game may still be followed through Insanejournal flists, from the hp_dungeons community friends page located at on Insanejournal, or via the syndicated RSS feed hpdungeons_ij on Livejournal.

For more information, please see this post on dungeon_watch.

Thanks for spending the past four years with us here; here's to another four years on Insanejournal!

Warded Owl Post: Horace Slughorn

Dear Professor,

You shouldn't imagine that I have forgotten I offered you some guarantee. And I don't deny that the loss of the journals is not a notable one. I hadn't realised quite how much I had come to depend on it in recent years for that sort of private reflection that is so important in times like these. Harry assures me that there are other options, however, and as we are all intending to be at Hogwarts tomorrow I can show you what we have determined to be the next best option for the quick communication we certainly need now.

However, as tempted as I am, and not just by the attack on our privacy - I have had other just as vexing matters pressed upon my attention in the last few days - I cannot feel that we are yet at that point. Surely we are not yet at that point.

Draco Malfoy

Prisoner Abuse at Azkaban!!!

By Rita Skeeter, Senior Correspondent

It has always been said, dear readers, that the measure of a society is in how it treats those who fall on the outside of the law. While our performance may not have been sterling during the last war it was a far sight better than our opponents, but alas, this humble reporter fears our standards have slipped drastically since then. A Prophet investigation has uncovered startling evidence that multiple detainees have gone unclothed and unfed at Azkaban due to the failure of booking Aurors to fill out the proper paperwork.

"Everything's shipped in out here, y'see, so we request our shipments based on how many prisoners our paperwork says we have," said John Derbey, head of acquisitions for the prison. "Only the booking Auror can fill out the paperwork, otherwise you'd have prisoners bribing right and left for extra food or a second blanket or whatnot. So when the booking Auror don't do his job, the prisoner don't exist in our system."

While the prospect of any prisoner going without food and clothing in Azkaban is horrific, the Prophet's investigation seems to indicate that a single Auror is responsible for booking the prisoners in question. One man is directly responsible for the institutionalized starvation of multiple prisoners. And not just any prisoners, but international prisoners. This is a huge breach the international norms that our wizarding world has always operated under.

"There are no treaties specifically relating to prisoner treatment," said Irving Jones, an expert in international wizarding law. "However, countries have almost always stuck to humane treatment of prisoners and any operation that takes place on foreign soil absolutely must have that country's approval before taking prisoners."

Even more startling, loyal readers, than the starvation and possible illegal detainment of international prisoners, is that it appears that at least one of the men in question may in fact be innocent! The Prophet has been unable to identify this person, but it appears that one of the four detainees brought in over the past week is no longer present in Azkaban Prison. Given that we here at the Prophet cannot find any evidence of a transfer from Azkaban, the logical conclusion is that this individual is no longer in MLE custody.

"I can not speak to the prisoner in question, but I can confirm a breach of protocol with relation to paperwork at Azkaban," said an MLE representative, who declined to be named. "This will not be tolerated and disciplinary action will certainly be taken."

We here at the Prophet can only hope that the MLE makes good on its promise to punish the Auror responsible for shaming British Wizarding Society. We invite anyone with more information about this story to contact the Prophet offices to share their accounts.
a penguin; how entertaining!

Owl Post: Harry Potter


It occurs to me that because of the disaster at our lifejournal site, we've lost a major point of contact and means of simple communication. I've been looking a bit into things while Molly goes through her practicals, and I think that I've found a handful of alternatives. The first is called the Greatest Journal. I've not found what makes it the greatest and, in fact, there is a down point that I think I've uncovered. They're very close to our life journals and I think what has happened to us on that site would be easy to repeat. Another is called Blogger. I don't really understand what a blogger is though. I suppose one writes on the computer with ink and the screen is supposed to absorb it rather like a blotter, but misspelled. This, I think will draw too much attention as the Weird Sisters have a blogger thinger and a large amount of their followers have flocked there in imitation. Actually, I found a Harry J Potter on there that is pretending to be you! I've never known you to talk in riddles though, so I rather think that it's not.

I think the most logical solution is a smaller site called Insane Journal. Rather sounds like a sojourn at St Mungo's, doesn't it? I think it's very amusing. In fact, I think we'll blend in quite nicely with the inhabitants of that particular site and it is similar enough to lifejournal that it won't cause much trouble in getting to know our way around again.

Amusing, isn't it, how when discovered one place we go somewhere else to protect ourselves? It's yet another chapter in Wizarding history. One that might not make it into Binns's lessons, however, as there are no goblins involved.


Wardkey #483O-9GH - Entry in Nymphadora Tonks' paper journal

I saw my husband tonight. For a few hours, in a sketchy Muggle pub in a terrible part of London, we were alone. A few hours together. More than I thought we would get. I thought he was dying, broken. I was broken, dying, ready to kill anyone who would keep me from him, regardless of the consequences. We were both entirely fragile. But he looked at me and in just seconds, (I was the girl with pink curls dancing with him in his living room to Sarah Vaughn.)
red tie



I've a little Order job I might be able to use your assistance with that might in an odd sort of way involve two of your most recent places of employment. Do you think you could meet me at The Shovel and Spade outside Little Azkaban on the Sea at half nine tonight? I'll buy you a pint if you like.

I'd kind of like to keep this a bit quiet, if you don't mind. It's not exactly...Ministry-approved, if you understand.

Harry Potter

The note is visible only to Demi, and upon being read, disintegrates.