Arthur Weasley (muggletricity) wrote in hp_dungeons,
Arthur Weasley

Owl Post: Harry Potter


It occurs to me that because of the disaster at our lifejournal site, we've lost a major point of contact and means of simple communication. I've been looking a bit into things while Molly goes through her practicals, and I think that I've found a handful of alternatives. The first is called the Greatest Journal. I've not found what makes it the greatest and, in fact, there is a down point that I think I've uncovered. They're very close to our life journals and I think what has happened to us on that site would be easy to repeat. Another is called Blogger. I don't really understand what a blogger is though. I suppose one writes on the computer with ink and the screen is supposed to absorb it rather like a blotter, but misspelled. This, I think will draw too much attention as the Weird Sisters have a blogger thinger and a large amount of their followers have flocked there in imitation. Actually, I found a Harry J Potter on there that is pretending to be you! I've never known you to talk in riddles though, so I rather think that it's not.

I think the most logical solution is a smaller site called Insane Journal. Rather sounds like a sojourn at St Mungo's, doesn't it? I think it's very amusing. In fact, I think we'll blend in quite nicely with the inhabitants of that particular site and it is similar enough to lifejournal that it won't cause much trouble in getting to know our way around again.

Amusing, isn't it, how when discovered one place we go somewhere else to protect ourselves? It's yet another chapter in Wizarding history. One that might not make it into Binns's lessons, however, as there are no goblins involved.

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