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Prisoner Abuse at Azkaban!!!

By Rita Skeeter, Senior Correspondent

It has always been said, dear readers, that the measure of a society is in how it treats those who fall on the outside of the law. While our performance may not have been sterling during the last war it was a far sight better than our opponents, but alas, this humble reporter fears our standards have slipped drastically since then. A Prophet investigation has uncovered startling evidence that multiple detainees have gone unclothed and unfed at Azkaban due to the failure of booking Aurors to fill out the proper paperwork.

"Everything's shipped in out here, y'see, so we request our shipments based on how many prisoners our paperwork says we have," said John Derbey, head of acquisitions for the prison. "Only the booking Auror can fill out the paperwork, otherwise you'd have prisoners bribing right and left for extra food or a second blanket or whatnot. So when the booking Auror don't do his job, the prisoner don't exist in our system."

While the prospect of any prisoner going without food and clothing in Azkaban is horrific, the Prophet's investigation seems to indicate that a single Auror is responsible for booking the prisoners in question. One man is directly responsible for the institutionalized starvation of multiple prisoners. And not just any prisoners, but international prisoners. This is a huge breach the international norms that our wizarding world has always operated under.

"There are no treaties specifically relating to prisoner treatment," said Irving Jones, an expert in international wizarding law. "However, countries have almost always stuck to humane treatment of prisoners and any operation that takes place on foreign soil absolutely must have that country's approval before taking prisoners."

Even more startling, loyal readers, than the starvation and possible illegal detainment of international prisoners, is that it appears that at least one of the men in question may in fact be innocent! The Prophet has been unable to identify this person, but it appears that one of the four detainees brought in over the past week is no longer present in Azkaban Prison. Given that we here at the Prophet cannot find any evidence of a transfer from Azkaban, the logical conclusion is that this individual is no longer in MLE custody.

"I can not speak to the prisoner in question, but I can confirm a breach of protocol with relation to paperwork at Azkaban," said an MLE representative, who declined to be named. "This will not be tolerated and disciplinary action will certainly be taken."

We here at the Prophet can only hope that the MLE makes good on its promise to punish the Auror responsible for shaming British Wizarding Society. We invite anyone with more information about this story to contact the Prophet offices to share their accounts.
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