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The Dungeons

Recent Entries

10/10/07 03:02 pm - muggletricity - Print out under some papers on Arthur Weasley's desk

10/10/07 02:02 am - quidditch_prat - FLOO CALL: Nymphadora Tonks, Auror Headquarters

( Your note arrived. )

10/10/07 02:02 pm - aurorbabe - Ward Key #78032KLJ - Secure Floo Note to Harry Potter, Lake Cottage

(Did you know?)

10/10/07 01:50 pm - loopy_love - Owl Post: Harry Potter


I don't know what to do. I've been locked out of my journal and there's a Dark Mark there now. I'm trying not to be frightened by this. I should be braver, right? I'm not turning on my computer at all. Do you think it's effected the whole thing? Should I get rid of it? Nothing else seems to be wrong, but I don't want to just go showing it to people.

It's not just mine, either. I tried to get in touch with Nev, but he's gone. No one knows to where, but I talked to Daniel, and it happened to his journal too.

What should I do?


10/10/07 01:20 pm - aurorbabe - Interoffice Airplane Memo: Sally Dykes-Slatem


What puzzles you always have for me! Always odd getting requisitions from the Azkaban staff, isn't it? Strange lot they are. Don't always have the story straight. Anyway, I did some digging and it looks like there as a big mistake with the paperwork on our end. I've taken care of it and sent in the right forms. I really appreciate you bringing it directly to me.

You ought to stop by Mum's studio sometime. She'd be pleased to see you, probably even ask you to sit for a portrait. I'll make sure you get invited to her next exhibit, all right?


10/10/07 11:06 am - operculum - Note via 3rd Year to Irma Pince

Madam Pince,

In answer to the mystery, the students you had expected in the library for quiet study were attending Arithmancy. I arrived to see the last of them dispersing from their classroom, to all intents and purposes appearing to have had a salutary and informative lesson.

I was unable to speak with their professor, as I was too late to catch him. I believe that it was Bill Weasley. He disappeared around a corner before I was able to more than glimpse him, however. No doubt this will all become clear soon enough. I congratulate you on your release from bondage.

Professor Horace Slughorn

10/10/07 01:56 am - markd_improvmnt - Rat Note: Mistlethwaite of Lake Cottage Boathouse

No report from you for some time. We didn't teach you to read and write for the fun of it.

I understand the Snape babies are out of your sight for now but don't think you have no use to Him now.
The little girl is of interest to more than the wolves. Keep an eye on her and report anything unusual.
Anything odd about time around her in particular. Are things slower, faster, different when she's around,
when she wants or doesn't want something?

Be attentive. Your Masters will be grateful and remember you when the time comes.

10/9/07 09:40 pm - allandsundry - Interoffice Airplane Memo: Nymphadora Tonks


I've attached a strange one from the strange little man doing requisitions from Azkaban. Claims he has a prisoner brought in without a proper file more than a week ago and wants to know how to add him to the requisitions lists for meals and so on. I was going to write back and say that Aurors never just leave people there and who did he think he was fooling, but then we did during the last war, didn't we, and with recent goings on maybe it's not entirely different. And in any case he's saying it was Ron Weasley and I don't want to get mixed up in this if it's some Order of the Phoenix business.

Be a dear and see if there's anything to it before I get involved in anything I shouldn't. I retired to requisitions for a reason you know.

Give my best to your Mum,


Sally Dykes-Slatem
Internal Requisitions & External Orders
MLE Accounting Level 23

10/9/07 08:02 pm - markd_improvmnt - Whispered conversation in the corner of a guarded courtyard in Azkaban

Marik. Marik.

( Dvajúradnyj brat. )

10/9/07 07:39 pm - operculum - Warded eyes-only note via discreet House Elf to Draco Malfoy

Dear Draco,

I have not wished to pressure you as I understand that you have a great many things to consider before taking such a step, however I do think the time to act has come. Indeed, I have thought it well past these many a day. Why do we all remain, pretending to a normalcy which has long since fled?

Your friend,
Horace Slughorn
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